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About Us

Our Vision

Water Infrastructure Services (WIS) is a potable dedicated reservoir maintenance contractor that specialises in reservoir inspection, servicing and upgrade work.

WIS is unique in the sense that we have potable dedicated equipment that is NEVER used in anything other than potable water streams.

About Us

Water Infrastructure Services (WIS) is a diving, construction and maintenance contractor who specialises in the water industry, specifically water storage reservoirs.

Established in 2011, WIS’ core capabilities have grown from being a diving contractor to a contractor who has developed its core values and policies around the safety of its personnel and the safety of the water (water quality) to ensure it can provide its unique set of skills sets relevant to the maintenance of water storage reservoir assets comprising all aspects of the reservoir site.

WIS operates potable dedicated teams of fully trained commercial divers, construction personnel, and reservoir specialists. WIS is unique in the sense that we have potable dedicated equipment that is NEVER used in anything other than potable water streams.


Water Infrastructure Services Pty Ltd (WIS) recognises its moral and legal responsibility to maintain a safe and potable water supply to the community.

Through a structure framework of policies, procedures and processes WIS is dedicated to ensuring water quality is always maintained throughout all its works.

Policies and procedures are written around a need for absolute control of hygiene in all aspects of work, people and equipment. Hygiene and Potable Management is developed through three key areas: Culture and Attitude, Training and Induction, and Policy and Procedures.


  • Maintain hygienic and Potable dedicated equipment and systems of work


  • Provide written procedures and instructions to ensure Safe Drinking Water Systems (SDWS) of work for Potable Water management.


  • Ensure compliance with legislative requirements, current industry standards and the requirements of ISO 45001:1918 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality


  • Provide information, instruction, training and supervision to employees, contractors, visitors and customers to ensure adherence to Safe Drinking Water Maintenance practices


  • System assessment, Monitoring, documentation, surveillance and verification of Potable Water Maintenance systems


  • Continually improve its Safe Drinking Water systems, materials and performance through predetermined targets and objectives


WIS maintains third party accreditation for:

  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Integrated Safety, Quality and Environmental Management for inspecting and maintaining potable water reservoirs
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems
  • Quality Management Systems

WIS management systems have been independent certified and assessed to ensure it complies with ISO22000 Food Safety Management Systems Certification.

WIS Capabilities

  • Condition Monitoring & Reservoir Inspections
  • Commercial Diving 
  • Reservoir Maintenance Services
  • Construction of water infrastructure and services
  • Offline and Online Construction Services
  • Offline and Online Reservoir Cleaning
  • Reservoir Management Planning
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