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Our Services

Diving Services

WIS operate an ISO accredited diving operation that provides the following services either while the asset remains online:

  • Vacuum cleaning of reservoir sediments
  • Removal and replacement of corroded internal infrastructure
  • Removal and replacement of corroded pipework
  • Installation of HDPE directional Nozzles and outlet safety screens
  • Floor Joint Repairs – Minor patch repairs or full repairs
  • Leak identification and sealing works
  • Mixer Installs
  • Underwater construction

Note: For reservoirs, all of the services listed above can be completed while the remains online and operational. It is also important to note that the above is non-exhaustive; WIS provides specific and further solutions to more advanced and complex situations.


WIS can provide services for any work required on water infrastructure assets. Our services include:

  • Compound fencing systems
  • Pump stations, valve pit installs and associated pipe work
  • External access systems
  • Platform, hatch, void protection and handrails systems.
  • Fall arrest systems
  • Online and offline roof replacements
  • Removal and Installation of full roof framing systems – specialising in non-corrosive reservoir compatible materials

Note: All the above works can be completed while reservoirs remain on or offline.

Maintenance, Inspection & Monitoring Services

WIS have a dedicated asset maintenance, inspection and monitoring team capable of providing the following:

  • Preparation and execution of asset inspection programs
  • Preparation and execution of asset maintenance programs
  • Undertaking of ongoing maintenance activities and plans
  • ROV & UAV inspections
  • Internal pipe line inspections

Engineering and Drafting Services

As a natural complement to our extensive construction and maintenance services, WIS also offers an in-house engineering and drafting office that provides fit-for-purpose, safe RPEQ designs for any water infrastructure project.

These services include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Engineering Design and Drafting Services
  • Shop Detailed Drawings
  • RPEQ Certification
  • SiD & HAZOP Facilitation
  • Reporting and Provision of Budget Estimating
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